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The particular diversity of fauna, with species that were extinguished long ago in many other countries, is an irresistible attraction for the image hunters, armed only with a camera and strong telelens.
Trying and managing to capture on film scenes from the life of the large carnivourous (lynx, wolf, bear), or stills with sturdy deers as well as the waterfowl colonies in unparalleled Danube Delta (the largest water expanse in Europe) may be even more passionate than shooting down a special hunting trophy.
Our specialists accompanied in the field reputed cinema makers as Gregory Mc Allen of the BBC England and Erik Fernstrom of Sweden, who performed exceptional filming in the Danube Delta and in the Carpathian Mountains, respectively.
In a country where there are 3.500 wolves, about 2.000 lynxes, over 4.500 bears, over 33.000 deer, in a magnificent natural scenery very little modified by man's intervention, it is a genuine challenge to organize a PHOTO SAFARI and to try to obtain the most beautiful pictures of the wild animals amid their life environment.
Video Safari - Covasna
Video Safari - Covasna Group
Erik - Pestera Ursilor
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