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For the fishermen keen on fresh water, the Danube River and the Danube Delta offer exceptional conditions for knocking down all personal records. Only in these places in any moment, you can find a "monster" very interested in your bait, a "monster" ready to put to a hard test your fishing skill in memorable drills.
The European Cat-Fish, the Carp, the Pike-Perch, the Pike, these are the most representative species for sports fishing in the Danube Delta, any fisherman being given the chance to get the bag-catch of his life.
Our company organises expeditions for 3 to 8 fishermen, offering more variants for the expedition type:
Accommodation on sleeping-hulk and short travels to the fishing places. Meals are served on the hulks.
Travelling by motorboat at disposal and organising a tents camp. The short travels to the fishing places will be done by motorboats or by rowing boat. Meals will be served on the motorboat.
The delicious traditional fish, crawfish and shell courses will not be absent from the menu.
The fishing expeditions with optimal results are during 7 full days of fishing.
The period for fishing expeditions is between 15th June and 15th November.
There are great chances to get a beautiful bag-catch during the following periods:
For Carp:
- From 20th August to 15th October.
For European Cat - Fish:
- From 15th June to 1st November.
For Pike:
- From 15th September to 15th November.
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