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The surface of Romania, 237,500 sq. km, is crossed by the 45º parallel, which makes possible the existence of a climate with four seasons.
Due to its position beside the Black Sea, Romania has not a severe continental climate, but a moderate one, which makes both winter and summer much easier to deal with.
The relief is various and concentrically positioned. In the middle of the country there is the Plateau of Transylvania, surrounded by the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, higher than 2,500 m in altitude, which makes this plateau look like a natural fortress.
Another series of plateaux is bordering the mountains, making a slow transition to the vast plains, the last step of the stair.
The extremely favourable bio-geographical conditions and the maintenance of a biological equilibrium for the natural ecosystems, along with a rational long-term management, led to the exceptional quality of the trophy carrying game.
The position of the country at the crossroad of the migration lanes (passages) of the birds of cinegetic interest and the existence, at the Danube's mouth, of the greatest humid area in Europe - the Danube Delta - make Romania a true paradise for birds hunters.
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